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Customers can entrust LCH Carpentry with the design and installation of their kitchens. We are a company that offers high-quality kitchen installation services in North Norfolk. All of our previous clients have been delighted with the results we’ve delivered, and we’re confident you will be too. We’ve built a name in the industry over the past two decades by consistently delivering stylish, functional kitchens in North Norfolk at a reasonable price..

North Norfolk Kitchen installation
Kitchen fitting experts Norwich

We guarantee that our clients’ North Norfolk kitchen and bathroom renovations will be finished on schedule and within their budgeted amount. We manage every aspect of the build process, from design to final assembly. To guarantee a high quality of work and a smooth integration with the project process, we personally oversee all plastering, electric work, tiling, plumbing, etc. For no additional cost, we will also provide a detailed kitchen layout to any prospective customers who are interested in receiving a quote from us.

Selecting a Trusted & Reliable Tradesman

Installing a new kitchen can be stressful if you aren’t familiar with the process. We offer comprehensive kitchen planning, design, and installation, including all electrical, plumbing, and gas work.

Finding trustworthy, honest, and hardworking North Norfolk Kitchen Fitters at reasonable rates can be a challenge. To guarantee the quality of our work, we have developed expertise in every aspect of kitchen installation and fitting.

  • We offer comprehensive North Norfolk kitchen design services.
  • We undertake full-service kitchen installations in North Norfolk
  • Skilled carpentry, tiling, and flooring installation teams
  • Electrical wiring and appliance set-up
  • Installation of plumbing Systems
  • Gas Engineering Services (GasSafe engineer),
  • Building and creating custom North Norfolk Kitchen spaces.



Kitchen Installation FAQ’s

When planning a kitchen, which layout works best?

The “kitchen triangle” is a design principle that has been used effectively to organise kitchen layouts since the 1940s. There are three primary work areas—the kitchen sink, the fridge, and the oven/hob.

The goal is to have a smooth flow from one to the next, so arranging them in a triangle makes sense. The ideal triangle has sides that are between four and nine feet in length.

Modern North Norfolk kitchens often feature “zoning,” the division of the space into distinct areas for specific functions, such as making coffee, cooking, and cleaning up afterward.

Just how do I go about picking out a reliable North Norfolk kitchen fitter?

  • Consider experience as highly as you would academic credentials.
  • Be sure you feel comfortable speaking with them.
  • Get comprehensive cost estimates.
  • Agree on a payment schedule.
  • Check their knowledge of building codes.
  • Ensure there will be follow-ups after the installation has been finished.

Installing a kitchen, how long does it take?

It usually takes between one and four weeks to fit a new kitchen.
This is, however, entirely dependent on the amount of work needed. If the existing floor plan and appliance locations are to remain unchanged, it is possible to replace a kitchen in a week.

Is it necessary to finish installing the kitchen flooring before starting?

This decision is completely up to you. The best course of action is to lay the floor before installing the new kitchen; however, special care must be taken to avoid damaging the floor during the installation process.

In order to do a better job, laying the floor first is recommended. Sealing the floor will make cleaning easier and help reduce dust, even though the entire floor won’t be on display. In the event of a leak, it will also help to prevent damage to the subfloor.

Do you, as a North Norfolk Kitchen Fitter, also offer electrical and gas installation services?

The vast majority of us are carpenters or joiners by trade, so we don’t normally have the appropriate credentials for the electrical and gas aspects of the kitchen installation. Instead, we will usually have a plumber, a gas engineer, and an electrician who we work closely with on a regular basis. We, as your kitchen installers, will collaborate with them and any additional tradespeople who may be required to complete the job.

10 steps of a typical Kitchen Installation Process

  1. Select Your New Kitchen
  2. Removal of Old Kitchen
  3. Consider preparing the walls in your kitchen.
  4. Kitchen and Ceiling Lighting
  5. Kitchen electrics and gas supply installation
  6. The procedure for selecting and putting down new kitchen flooring
  7. The Main Kitchen installation
  8. Final gas and electrical connections for the kitchen
  9. Tile work, including kitchen splashbacks and decorative edging
  10. Completion of final painting coats and cosmetic finishing

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